Bundling an LPG Truck Pump, Meter and Register Saves You Time and Money...
When it comes to ease of doing business, product functionality, and breadth of product offering, Liquid Controls is your single source solution for transporting, dispensing and controlling high value fluids. On your next order, let Liquid Controls simplify your procurement process by purchasing a pump, meter and register in one single order.

Discount Pricing and 5 Year Warranty Program...
When you buy a Corken Z-Series LPG truck pump, Liquid Controls Meter and Register bundle, you will receive an additional discount and an extended five-year warranty. This applies to Corken’s Z3200 and Z3500 pumps and any Liquid Controls’ meter and register system. 

Additionally, if you are replacing a competitor’s pump on a truck that has a Liquid Controls Meter, you will also qualify for discount pricing and extended pump warranty. The same goes for the meter. If you are replacing a competitor’s meter on a truck that has a Corken pump, you will be entitled to the discount pricing and an extended meter warranty as well.

Streamlined Service and Support
Liquid Controls and Corken are pleased to offer improved service and support through a toll-free service number: 1-844-623-6500. Liquid Controls is also committed to stocking repair kits, rebuild kits, and rebuild kits with rotors to ensure the highest level of efficiency and service that our customers deserve.