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Liquid Controls mechanical air and vapor eliminators remove air and vapor from metering systems. Removing the air and vapor from a metering system increases the accuracy of the meter by allowing only liquid to pass through the meter for measurement.

At installation, LC mechanical air and vapor eliminators are piped to a storage tank to provide a pathway and a receptacle where the evacuated air and vapor can be deposited. After the air (or vapor) has left the metering system, mechanical air and vapor eliminators seal off the pathway to prevent liquid from entering the storage tank.

Now available with an optical sensor, the Single Head Bulk Plant Air Eliminators — provide a new bulk plant air elimination solution that simplifies installations, reduces maintenance, and removes problematic slugs of air. The Single Head Bulk Plant Air Eliminator with Optical Sensor marks the latest breakthrough in the four-decade long evolution of Liquid Controls’ air eliminators. It is ideal for eliminating air from refined fuels applications where product is metered into storage from a truck-mounted pump.

The optical sensor provides the same functionality of the dual head mechanical air eliminator in a single head design.  The optical sensor, when used with an electronic register provides a signal to a downstream control valve to shut down in the presence of a large volume of air. This prevents the air from being metered. The high mount air eliminator evacuates the air until the optical sensor does not sense the air. In the presence of liquid, the valve now opens and the product flows through the meter.

  • For use in any 150 PSI working pressure system using aluminum  M-Series or steel MS-Series Meters.
  • Choice of 3", 4", 6" and 8" ANSI flanged connections.
  • Shown is the dual head mechanical model providing twice the normal venting capacity.
  • Dual head model is most effective when utilizing a differential valve.
  • 3", 4", 6" or 8" Raised Face ANSI Flanges
  • Working pressure: 150psi