Suction Flange: 2" NPT, 3" 300# ANSI, 4" 300# ANSI
Max Capacity
177gpm (670L/min) @ 780 RPM
Max Pressure
Differential Pressure: 150psid(10.3bar d) Working Pressure: 400psig, (28.6 bar)
Temperature Range
-25°F to 225°F (-32°C to 107°C)
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A New Generation of Truck Pumps
The Z-Series Coro-Vane® truck pumps are a new generation of truck pumps specifically designed to comply with the pumping requirements demanded by the LPG industry. Bulk delivery of LPG requires the use of heavy duty, reliable equipment and is an important part of every LPG marketer. The equipment used in modern bulk trucks must be designed and constructed to perform in a broad spectrum of operating conditions. 

Meeting the Demands of Today's Pumping Conditions
The operating conditions of a truck pump are very demanding, and only a pump designed to perform under these extreme conditions can successfully do the job day in and day out. The Z-Series truck pumps are specifically designed to perform in such severe operating conditions as high differential pressure, pump overspeeding, poor suction conditions and heavy thrust loads associated with a power take-off (PTO) drive system.

  • Controlling thrust loads and cavitation are critical for extended pump life.
  • Large diameter non-metallic pins are not speed sensitive so you can operate the pump at a higher RPM and not damage the pump.
  • High tech materials used on cam and blades extend the life of the pump.
  • Up to 7% or more capacity at 640 RPM.
  • Unlike other three-inch stationary pumps rated at 640 RPM, the Z3500 is rated up to 800 RPM providing higher capacity without damage.
  • Maintenance is made simple. When it becomes necessary to service the pump, all you need to do is remove twelve head bolts to inspect the bearings, seals, sideplates, rotor, vanes and vane drivers.
  • Retrofits the Corken model 1021 pump and other three-inch competitive pumps with little or no change in piping.
Part Material
Case, head, flange, rotor & bearing cap Ductile iron ASTM A536
Sideplate Gray iron ASTM A48, Class 30
Cam Gray iron ASTM A48, Class 50
Welding flange Steel
Seal seat Gray iron (standard)
Stainless steel & Ni-Resist (opt.)
Seal metal parts Steel
Shaft 8620 steel
Vanes & vane drivers Advanced polymer
Relief valve Steel (Z3200)
Stainless steel (Z2000 & Z4200)
Relief valve spring Steel, cadmium plated (Z3200)
Stainless steel (Z2000 & Z4200)
Bearing Steel
Thrust bearing Steel
O-rings Buna N (standard)
PTFE/Kalrez®*, ton®*, Neoprene®* (optional)
Retainer rings Steel

*Registered Trademark of the DuPont Company.