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  • Features
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The LCR.iQ® introduces new potential to OEMs and end users to fully customize the fueling experience with configurable screens and tickets, adaptable software, real-time on-screen diagnostics, and remote data access with controls via embedded Wifi and Bluetooth.  Further, the LCR.iQ® was awarded the 2019 iF Design Award by the International Design Federation for its user-friendly design and demonstrated intelligent features in the Discipline of Product, Industry & Tools category.

LCR.iQ features Liquid Controls



LCR.iQ TANKiQ tank inventory level reporting and measurement


LCR.iQ provides digital valve control to control flow rates while fueling


LCR.iQ expand your connectivity and I/O with SENSEiQ expansion board


LCR.iQ offers multiple languages english spanish french chinese portuguese korean


LCR.iQ configure your display with large digits


LCR.iQ provides safeguarding for water in fuel detection per JIG and A4A specs



  • HIGH-RESOLUTION DISPLAY WITH DAY/NIGHT MODES: 7" ultra bright video display designed for extreme climates and rigorous fueling environments.

  • LARGE SCALABLE DIGITS FOR EASY VIEWING: Large digits provide easy viewing, day or night, up to 100 feet (30 m) away.

  • CONFIGURABLE FUELING DATA: The LCR.iQ® allows users complete control over the fueling data fields displayed on the detailed delivery screen.

  • DATA LOGGING: Store 1-year or more of fueling transactions onboard the register for easy retrieve and export.

  • SMART KEYS FOR GUIDED OPERATION: Smart keys guide the operator through the next available steps in the operation to minimize risk of error.

  • LARGE KEYS FOR EASY OPERATION: Large, petroleum and UV resistant elastomeric keys provide confident feel and consitent operation.

  • METER MOUNT BASE: Liquid Controls standard meter-mount base with integrated pulser allows easy mount-and-connect retrofit.

  • PANEL MOUNT ENCLOSURE OPTION: New panel mount design allows convenient remote mounting, providing OEMs greater design flexibility.

  • ACTIVE FUELING FULL SCREEN MODE: Yellow background indicates active fueling mode to improving safety and fueling status awareness of operators.


Meet the LCR.iQ™ and the Team behind it!

  • User Input & Display Features
    • Large 7" high definition, full color video display - High clarity and easy visibility
    • Customizable home screen and delivery setup prompts - Streamline driver interface
    • Full alpha-numeric keypad with easy arrow selection keys - Quick, intuitive navigation
    • Instant on-board diagnostics and help screens - Quickly troubleshoot & resolve issues to minimize downtime
    • Full screen active delivery mode - Largest readable digits in the industry, viewable from more than 100'
    • Day/night mode and brightness adjustment - Operator can select preferred viewing mode for conditions
    • Customizable printed tickets - Easily tailor ticket formats without software updates
    • Transaction history logs store 10,000+ records - No more lost tickets; easily access, download or print historical tickets
    • Weights & measures historical audit log and event log - Search and download by date range or field
    • Large LED back lit keypad - Easy to operate with gloved hands, easy to read in daylight or at night
  • Control Features
    • Remote control (E-Stop) compatible to third party systems - Seamless retrofit into existing systems
    • 3rd party fleet automation connectivity and data management - Seamless retrofit into existing systems
    • Toggle flow - Optimizes fuel flow rate without driver intervention in refined fuels delivery systems
    • Wireless Printing - Operator can print from hand-held remote printer
  • General
    • Direct Meter Mount - Easy, direct retrofit for LCRII, LCR600 and all conventional registers
    • Panel Mount Enclosure Option - For convenient remote mounting of LCR.iQ
    • Preset delivery by volume or weight -  Provides highest accuracy of fuel delivery to prevent over-fueling
    • 4-Bolt even seal o-ring design - Water-tight, weather-proof seal protects internal components
    • Die-Cast Aluminum Housing - Chromate and powder coated for long term corrosion resistance.
    • 11 Conduit Ports (1/2" NPT) - Allows for future expansion, control options
    • Multi-point calibration - up to 16 points - Maximize accuracy over entire flow range
    • Internal telescoping hinges - Eliminates seizing and corrosion of external door hinges
    • Serial accessibility to LCP data communication protocol - Compatible with major in-cab/back office systems
    • Electronic temperature volume compensation - Available with optional probe and thermowell kit
  • Specifications for LCR.iQ
Waterproof, corrosion resistant and dustproof - meets IP66 and UL Type 4X requirements
7" 810 x 480 High Resolution, Full Color         
Temperature Range Voltage
-40 °F (-40 °C ) to 140 °F (60 °C) 9-28 VDC
LED Back-lit Petroleum-resistant
Non-conductive, UV resistant elastomer Field Replaceable 
Communication   I/O
RS232/485 Comm Ports 2 Solenoid Outputs 4  
RS485 Dedicated Comm Ports 2 Programmable Digital Outputs 6+4*  
Analog (4-20 mA) inputs 1 + 6* Digital Inputs 6+4*  
WiFi built in RTD Probe Input 1  
Bluetooth built in Optical Sensor Input 1  
Ethernet built in Scalable Pulse Output (Additive inj, display, PLC) 1  
Processor & Storage
Processor speed   800 MHz      
Internal RAM   1GB      
Internal Storage   128MB Flash and 8GB eMMC Flash drive      
External Storage via Removable USB and SD card        


*SENSEiQ expansion board offers an additional 6 analog (4-20 mA) inputs, 4 digital inputs, and 4 digital outputs.