Refined Fuels - Kevin Bays - Conserve FS

With over twenty years behind the wheel of a Conserv FS fuel truck and another twenty years before that with the local police department, Kevin Bays probably knows the roads of northern Illinois better than anybody.


Kevin is a fuel driver salesman and delivers refined fuel to customers of all shapes and sizes with Conserv FS, which is an agricultural cooperative serving patrons in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

“We have numerous different types of customers including golf courses, landscapers, steel companies, masonry companies, you name it. Anyone that uses gasoline or diesel.”

With so many places to be and customers to serve, the job can get very busy.

“I can be working seven days a week, fourteen hours a day. Go home, eat, go to bed, get right back into it.”



Providing on-time and safe service to his customers is Kevin’s top priority and he makes himself available to them to make sure that happens.

“I receive phone calls on Saturday and Sunday. I get phone calls at one o’clock in the morning and six o’clock at night, all wanting to get ahold of me as quickly as they can so that they can get their fuel.”

Kevin knows that his customers rely on the fuel he provides to run their businesses and that it is nothing short of critical that their tanks stay full. He is continually planning his delivery schedule and the logistics to make sure each customer receives his/her order.

From making sure he is carrying the right payload to navigating traffic hours of the day, most of Kevin’s ‘desk work’ happens from his mobile office – the cabin of his 10-wheel fuel truck.


All the hard work pays off as Kevin’s customers love him and the service he provides.

“I believe that some of [my customers] think I’m part of their family because I’ve been here for over twenty years. They’re very happy with me.”

Jump in the cab with Kevin and experience a day on the job with him by watching the short documentary Liquid Controls Salutes: Refined Fuels with Kevin Bays.


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