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A mechanical register is mechanically coupled to the meter element and displays total delivered fluid.  This register is ideal when no power is available. When power is available consider an electronic register for simplicity of use and increased functionality.

  • REPEATABLILITY: 0.05% of reading over entire range and beyond.
  • The combination of Liquid Controls Positive Displacement Meter and Mechanical register yields:
    • LINEARITY: Capable of ±0.125% or better over a 5:1 range from maximum nominal meter capacity.
    • LINEARITY: Capable of ±0.22% or better over a 10:1 range from maximum nominal meter capacity.
    • LINEARITY: Capable of ±0.5% or better over a 40:1 range from maximum nominal meter capacity.
  • Meter Compativility: Liquid Controls Positive Displacement Meters
  • Resettable Totalizer: 5 Digit
  • Non-Resettable Totalizer: 8 Digit
  • Units of Measure: Liters, Gallons, Dekaliters, Barrels, Pounds in whole unit, 1/10 unit, and 1/100 unit increments.

Mechanical Registration/Large Numerical Counter

A large numerical counter records the amount of each delivery or batch and provides a five digit resettable totalizer and an eight digit non-resettable totalizer. Choice of registration includes 1/10 and whole U.S. Gallons, 1/10 and whole Imperial Gallons, Liters, Deciliters, Cubic Meters, Barrels, Pounds, etc.

Mechanical Register Mounted Pulser

Pulsers supply an electrical signal to devices such as remote totalizers, batch controllers, rate-of-flow recorders, etc. Models include Dry Reed 1 PPR or 10 PPR and Solid State single channel 100ppr.

Mechanical Register Mounted Ticket Printer

A printer provides an imprinted ticket record of the transaction. Further security is provided by before and after imprinting of consecutive sales numbers and printing of meter/product identifiers. Prints on standard zero-start, Neptune zero or accumulative style tickets. Magnetic lid with rubber seal keeps out dirt and weather. Right or optional left hand reset available.

Mechanical Registration with Preset Counter

Enables you to select and automatically control Preset Valve closure so that an exact predetermined volume will be delivered. Valve closure is controlled either in two stages, with a pre-shut-off dwell period to prevent hydraulic shock.

Preset Counter includes red emergency stop button to abort preset deliveries. Preset Counter also available with microswitches to control pump starter circuit, security, security block valve or pilot-operated control valves. Switches are available conforming to applicable UL or CSA electrical codes.

Mechanical Preset with Microswitches

Microswitches convert mechanical signal to electrical signal to provide Preset Counter control of remotely located valve, pump, alarms and related system equipment.

Mechanical Registration - Fixed Gravity TVC

A positive displacement meter measures gross volume regardless of temperature and/or specific gravity. On those products with linear coefficient of expansion, a Temperature Volume Compensator automatically corrects registration to indicate the volume of the liquid at a selected base temperature normally 60°F (15°C). A Temperature Volume Compensator should be used in a meter assembly based on one or more of the following considerations:

  • The magnitude of the coefficient of expansion of a product.
  • The magnitude of variation in product temperature.
  • The commercial value of the product.
  • The degree of metering accuracy desired.
  • The requirement that the product be measured by weight instead of volume.

The Temperature Volume Compensator contains an infinitely variable transmission, which reacts to product and ambient temperature sensed by a fluid filled capillary system connected to a bellows. Changes in product temperature produce changes in the bellows length. This change in length is sensed and mechanically transmitted to a differential.