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  • Counter extensions are used to move the mechanical registration to a higher viewing area when used in applications where the meter may be located on the ground, but the totals must be viewed on top of a loading rack.

  • Swivel adapters permit rotating counter or counter printer as desired throughout a 360° range.

  • Mechanical Rate of Flow Indicators can be supplied in choice of Gallons and Metric units of measure. Direct reading dial shows rate-of-flow through meter to within 2% at full scale reading. Indicator is mounted on a specially designed adjuster cover plate for viewing from front of meter.

  • Positive Displacement Meter Fittings Available in the following materials:

    • Aluminum, Steel or Stainless Steel

Counter Extensions are available in lengths from 12" through 144". The use of an electronic register and Pulse Output Device (POD) allows an electronic register to be mounted separately from the meter without the need for a counter extension.

Positive Displacement Meter - Fittings
Available for all Liquid Controls Positive Displacement meters. Sizes include, 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4". Types: NPT, BSPT, Weld

Positive Displacement Meter - Fittings Victaulic Spools
Available for M-60 and M-80 Meters in 4" size and are used in aircraft refueling installations.

Positive Displacement Meter - Fittings Elbows
Elbows are provided for M-5 and M-7 Meters to increase mounting flexibility of the Meter and accessories. Elbows for M-60/80 meters supplied with 4" or 6" ANSI or 4" Square bolt flanges.

Positive Displacement Meter - Fittings Thermowells
Thermowell assembly for mechanical TVC's are available for all aluminum M-Series Meters in 2", 3" and 4" pipe sizes. For Classes 7, 27 and 37 all ferrous construction meters and Class 8 stainless steel meters, a Stainless Steel 1" male NPT thermowell only is supplied. A 1" female NPT connection in the inlet pipeline to the meter is required to accept the thermowell.

MS-Series Meters are supplied with a 1" half coupling welded to the inlet spool to accept the thermowell. On all M-5, M-7, M-10, M-15 and M-25 or MA4, MA-5 or MA-7 or MA-15 Series Meters ordered with a Strainer and a Temperature Volume Compensator, the thermowell is supplied in the strainer cover assembly.