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The DMS® In-Cab Data Management System is a flexible, industry specific mobile computing platform.  The DMS® users with the ability to connect to up to three LectroCount® registers. The DMS® captures and stores transactional data that can be transferred to the office using a USB memory stick or using RF radios or cellular modems.

DMS® applications help customers:

  • Reduces Cash Cycle
  • Reduced Delivery Time and Error
  • Track and Record all Aspects of the Delivery
  • Eliminate Manual Transaction Entry in the Back Office
  • Reduce Staff Time, Especially During Peak Periods
  • Reduce Errors
  • Improve Driver Productivity & Truck Utilization
  • Capture and Analyze More Data

There are several software applications that can operate on a DMS, each with functionality specific to the unique needs of different industries.

DMS® Delivery:

DMS® Delivery is designed for residential and commercial deliveries, especially in LPG and Refined Fuels markets.  The application allows users to import a customer database on their delivery vehicles, customize prices and taxes by customer, prints tickets and captures the transactional data to be transferred to an office computer. DMS Delivery helps customers make the most out of their resources by reducing the time per delivery, reducing time to post transactions, eliminating errors and treating customers individually with custom prices and discounts.


DMS® EZConnect® is a unique software application that tracks fuel deliveries by vehicle fueled and customer account (Fleet Fueling).  DMS® EZConnect® uses a short-range radio to communicate wirelessly with a handheld RFID button reader.  When making a delivery the driver reads an RFID button on the vehicle allowing the system to recognize the vehicle and the type of fuel required.

DMS® EZConnect® reduces delivery times, handwritten paperwork, posting errors and theft.

DMS® FlightConnect®:

Tracking fuel tickets can be a time consuming and inaccurate prospect.  DMS® FlightConnect® eliminates the need to track paper tickets by allowing fuelers to capture key flight information, such as tail number and aircraft type. Information captured within the DMS® is transfer by USB or RF communications.

DMS® Module:

  • Enclosure Dimensions:  6.875" W x 2.625" H x 7.25" L
  • Material:  Powder coated steel
  • Operating Voltage:  +9 to 30 VDC
  • Power Consumption:  5A maximum, 60 watts (maximum, intermittent)
  • Temperature Rating:  -22° to 158°F (-30° to 70°C)
  • Microprocessor:  133 MHz, 486
  • Memory:  Internal compact flash memory
  • USB flash memory (optional)

DMS® Lap Pad:

  • Housing:  Lightweight, high impact, molded plastic
  • Housing Rating:  NEMA 3, IP54
  • Display:  LCD, dot matrix, 240 x 64 pixels, backlit.  5.2" W, 1.55" H; 8 rows, 30 characters per row
  • Keyboard:  6 row, 5 column membrane with tactile metal dome switch contacts and silicone rubber overlay
  • Supply Current:  150 mA maximum
  • Temperature:  -22°F to 158°F (-30° to 70ºC)
  • Vibration:  2 g between 10-150 sinusoidal sweep cycle. 20 sweep cycles per axis.
  • Electrostatic Discharge:
    • IEC801-2
    • 8 kV for air discharges
    • 6 kV for contact discharges
  • Electromagnetic Susceptibility:
    • IEC 801-3
    • 3 V/m 26-500 MHz
    • 1 V/m 500-1000 MHz
  • Interface: RS232 at 115,200 baud rate