March 21, 2019

Liquid Controls Wins 2019 iF Design Award For New LCR.iQ®   

Lake Bluff, Illinois, March 21, 2019 — Liquid Controls LLC, a unit of IDEX Corporation (NYSE: IEX) announced today that its new LCR.iQ® electronic register and data controller has won the prestigious 2019 "iF Design Award" from iF International Forum Design GmbH.   Liquid Controls formally received the award on March 15, 2019, at the iF Design Award Night in Munich, Germany.

The LCR.iQ® was acknowledged for its user-friendly design and demonstrated intelligent features in the Discipline of Product, Industry & Tools category by a jury of 67 global industrial design and UX experts with over 6,400 entrants from 50 countries competing in the annual industrial design competition in hopes of winning the prestigious iF Design award. 

“The LCR.iQ® being recognized by the iF International Forum validates the extensive effort invested into making this product exceptionally intuitive for fuelers in the field,” said Dan Clevenger, Market Manager at Liquid Controls. “It is our goal that the end-users of this new platform are the ones to benefit from the productivity and efficiency for years to come.”

The LCR.iQ® is a microprocessor-based controller certified by weights and measures authorities for legal custody transfer of valuable fuels and gases in industries like aviation, refined fuels, and liquefied petroleum gases. The LCR.iQ® was built from the ground up by the Liquid Controls' R&D team, closely collaborating with customers and industry professionals focused on ease of use, process configure-ability, and data security.

“Through a deep understanding of our end-users, their work environments, and the operational challenges they face, we will continue to improve our customers’ lives and businesses,” said Sheena Cline, General Manager – Liquid Controls. 

The LCR.iQ was officially launched on January 2, 2019, for the aviation, refined fuels, and LPG markets. It is available now through authorized LC distributors and OEM truck integrators in those markets.