Air eliminators work upstream of the meter to ensure no air is metered through the meter element. A complete air eliminator system includes either a differential valves or an air check valve. A vapor eliminator uses the same operational principle, but is used in LPG systems.

  • Standard air/vapor eliminators use a float to detect air in conjunction with an air check valve or differential valve and shuts off flow while air/vapor is vented.
  • Optical air eliminators detect changes in refractive index to detect air. An optical air eliminator is more responsive than our mechanical air eliminator and less product ends up in your external catch tank.
  • Steel air eliminators are appropriate for steel cased meters (e.g. MSA and¬†MSAA¬†series meters) and function the same as a standard air/vapor eliminator.
  • Bulk Plant air eliminators are optimized for a bulk plant application instead of a truck based application. Available in single head, dual head, or as an optical system.
  • By eliminating air and vapor from the metering element, meter accuracy is increased, and the customer is ultimately getting exactly what they paid for.