A wide variety of accessories are available to complete your metering systems. These accessories include; electronic temperature volume compensation (ETVC) kits, Pulse Output Device (POD), XL LED displays, differential pressure sensors, fittings, elbows, and counter extensions.

  • ETVC kit – Used with our LectroCount™ electronic registers, the ETVC records and computes changes in product temperature. Virtually eliminates the effect of product temperature change on volume delivered.
  • POD -  LC’s Pulse Output Device (POD) converts the rotary motion created during the process of fluid measurement through an LC PD Meter into a high resolution, unscaled pulse stream
  • XL LED Display - Remote display with large LED numerals. Requires scaled pulse output.   
  • Differential Pressure Sensor - Differential pressure sensor for use with LectroCount™ electronic registers in aviation refueling applications. Measure the pressure differential across the filter separator.
  • Fittings and Elbows -  End connections in NPT, BSPT, Weld Socket, Victaulic and ANSI
  • Counter Extensions -  Available from 12” to 144”, removes registration from  heat in high temperature applications or can be used to move mechanical registration to a higher areas in applications where a meter may be located on the ground.