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The differential pressure transducer monitors the differential pressure (pressure drop) between a point immediately upstream and a point immediately downstream of the full flow fuel monitor, water coalescer, or other device typically applied in aviation fueling systems. The maximum differential pressure observed during the fuel delivery is electronically input into the LectroCount® Electronic Register.  The highest differential pressure reached during the delivery is printed on the delivery ticket to provide a record of the maximum pressure drop. The corresponding flow rate at which this maximum differential pressure is observed is printed immediately after the differential pressure reading. This information appears on the delivery ticket in the form: DP 12.4 PSI @ 242.6 GPM.

In the aviation industry, a differential pressure of more than 25 PSID across the full flow fuel monitor is considered unacceptable according to ATA Specification 103. A differential pressure more than 15 PSID across a water coalescer is considered unacceptable. The differential pressure transducer has a maximum differential pressure of 60.0 PSID. Interlocks on the LCR-II and LCR 600 electronic registers, if employed, shut down fuel delivery if the differential pressure reaches or exceeds the programmed differential pressure shutdown value.

This system is designed for application on Jet Fuel delivery vehicles, hydrant carts, and stationary systems and is currently available for use with the Liquid Controls LectroCount® LCR-II® Electronic Register with SR264 operating software and compatible ticket software or the LCR 600 Electronic Register with standard software.

  • Environmental Rating:
    IP67 (similar to NEMA 4X)
  • Safety:
    Designed to meet Class I, Division 2
    Groups C and D requirements
  • Applicable Products:
    Class 2: Jet Fuel
  • Communication Protocol:
  • Pressure Rating:
    Differential measurement range
    0-43.5 PSID (0 to 3 bar) for rated accuracy
    [60 PSID (4 bar) overpressure limit]
  • Line pressure range:
    0 to 150 PSI (0 to 10.3 bar)
  • Accuracy:
    ±0.2% of full scale
    (±0.088 PSID from -4º to 104ºF, -20º to 40ºC)
  • Power:
    +10 to 28VDC, <4mA
  • Temperature Limits:
    -40° to 176°F (-40° to 80°C)
    • Body: Stainless steel (316L)
    • Wetted Materials: Stainless steel (316L)
    • Viton® seals