Liquid Controls offers a wide range of mechanical, electronic, and electro-pneumatic operated valves.

  • Mechanical V-Series valves are designed to function with a mechanical preset to shut down the flow after a predetermined amount of product is delivered
  • Inlet Check Valves minimize register movement between deliveries maintaining internal system pressures
  • Outlet Check Valves provides backpressure to increase air/vapor eliminator efficiency and reverse flow
  • Electro-Pneumatic EP-Series valves interface with electronic registration for preset deliveries.
  • Electronic Valves interface with electronic registration for preset deliveries, ensure the air eliminatoroperates properly, and acts as a back check valve. They offer less pressure drop than E-series valves.
  • Differential & Air Check Valves work with air/vapor eliminators to ensure accuracy of your deliveries.
  • Minimize register movement between deliveries
  • Ensure air eliminator operates properly
  • Ensure delivery accuracy through presetting