Data management provides the capability to capture transactional data regarding the flow total through the Liquid Controls PD Meter. This can be accomplished through our LectroCount™ electronic registration, DMS Data Management System or mechanical registration. Enhancements to the standard transactional data include FlightConnect™ Aviation Software available on LCR600, MasterLoad III™ or DMS.

Data Management
  • DMS -  DMS provides users with the ability to connect to up to three LectroCount® registers, control them, capture and store transaction data and combine that information with customer data to print application specific tickets.
  • FlightConnect™ Software - eliminates the need to track paper tickets by allowing fuelers to capture key flight information.
  • Lap Pad - Easy to operate alphanumeric keyboard for initial system setup, calibration and preset capability.     
  • Mechanical Registration -  For systems  without power, Mechanical Registers, Printers, Presets and Temperature Volume Compensators (TVC) are available to calculate flow totals.